Charles  B.  Pyke

Composer and Arranger of Symphonic  Music, Hymns, Carols, and Songs




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Composition and Arrangement of Symphonic Music, Anthems, Christmas Carols & Songs, Religious Hymns, and Other Musical Works.







COMPOSITIONS to be SCORED and PUBLISHED.  ALL LYRICS are by Charles Pyke:   Items listed are in reverse chronological order.


List of compositions completed, awaiting orchestral scoring and publication:

Cheer Up!  The World is Full of Laughter  (upbeat religious hymn, music and lyrics -- completed in 2006 and sung as tenor soloist in church)

Have Faith in the Lord  (religious hymn, music and lyrics -- completed in 2004 and sung as baritone soloist in churches) 

Come See the Baby  (Christmas Carol, music and lyrics -- completed in 1979 and sung by numerous church choirs)

Compositions produced for single occasions and special events, not intended for general publication. 

List of compositions partially completed, awaiting completion of music, orchestration, and/or lyrics, then scoring and publication:

The Birds in the Christmas Tree:  Christmas Song, for vocal soloist, with chorus of small children as birds  (music and lyrics nearly completed; orchestration in progress)

Concerto #1 for Piano, Harpsichord, and Orchestra  (orchestration in progress)

Rondo on Familiar Minor Themes  for Piano and Orchestra  (orchestration in progress)

Christmas Eve Bells: Christmas Carol  (music completed, lyrics in middle stages of composition)

Birthday Greetings:  Original melody in counterpoint with the well-known Happy Birthday to You, performed, age 6, on piano to a 1000+ Sequoia National Park audience.

The United States of America:  Patriotic anthem, music and lyrics for vocal solo or choir  (lyrics to be updated to current world situation; music to be scored)

Among the Giant Sequoias: A Day in Sequoia National Park, for orchestra (inspired by a trip to Sequoia National Park)

Musical arrangement, awaiting completion of the combination of musical selections, plus editing, then scoring and publication:

The Return Home.  Arrangement of orchestral ballet music by Pyotr I. Tchaikovsky, with addition of spoken dialogue written by Charles B. Pyke.

List of compositions and arrangements in conceptual stage -- to be composed, scored, and published:  

Pictures at an Exhibition for Piano AND Orchestra (arrangement of Mussorgsky's original piano score, combined with Ravel's orchestration and other orchestrations) 

Le Tombeau de Couperin for Piano AND Orchestra (arrangement of all six movements of Ravel's original piano score, combined with Ravel's own orchestration)

American Suite for Piano AND Orchestra (arrangement of Dvořak's original piano score, combined with Dvořak's own orchestration)

Concerto #3 for Piano and Orchestra of Tchaikovsky, with Andante and Finale arranged by Taneyev  (insertion of a Scherzo movement, based on Tchaikovsky's Op. 72 #10 and upon the orchestration of Tchaikovsky's Symphony #7, 3rd Movement, reconstructed by Bogatyrev).

Concerto for Thunderstorm and Orchestra:  Impressionistic orchestral music woven around a (yet to be) recorded thunderstorm  (in conceptual stage)

Concerto #2 for Piano, Harpsichord, and Orchestra  (in conceptual stage)

Preludes (24) for Piano Solo, each an original short composition, written in the style of a composer from Bach to Shostakovich  (in conceptual stage)

Dozens of other compositions, and more than 300 additional melodies and other symphonic fragments, awaiting integration into full-fledged compositions







COMPOSITIONAL EDUCATION and EXPERIENCE::  Items listed are in reverse chronological order.


Launch of  Symphonic Compositions, LLC,  2016, for professional composition and publishing of own original solo, orchestral, religious, and Christmas music, plus arrangements for piano AND orchestra of well-known orchestral OR piano works of major composers. 

Judging piano performance in annual competitions of music students, West Los Angeles College, 1985-1989. 

Extensive participation in musical productions, local symphony orchestras, and chamber music societies, 1976-2014.

Arrangements and performances of numerous vocal harmonies and descants, along with piano accompaniments, for songs, hymns, and Christmas Carols.

Composition and arrangements of classical music, religious hymns, Christmas Carols, and songs for piano, choir, vocal solos, and/or orchestra. 

Piano, double-bass (string bass), and violoncello (cello) in school orchestras; vocal performances, including solos, in school, church, and Federal Government choirs.

University and high school courses in harmony and music appreciation, piano lessons, classes in cello and string bass.

Began playing piano by ear from listening to phonograph records and radio broadcasts, age 2.











Charles B. Pyke began to play the piano by ear as a very young child.  His preferences in music were always in symphonic music (often referred to as "classical music").  His particular choice of symphonic compositions have always been from the late Romantic Era, especially those by the Russians.  His five favorite composers, in decreasing order, are Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff, Borodin, Rimsky-Korsakov, and Mussorgsky.

Variety of Specialties.  Charles B. Pyke, is also a Meteorologist (Ph.D., UCLA) and an Environmental Scientist (he is President / CEO of Environmental Science & Energy, Inc.), but he has always eagerly desired to compose symphonic music, Christmas Carols and Songs, and religious hymns in his "spare time."  He recently launched his newest company, Symphonic Compositions, LLC.   Mr. Pyke has absolutely no plans to retire.








Telephone contacts  for Charles B. Pyke, Ph.D.: 

(435) 799-3941  Symphonic Compositions, LLC and Personal Businesses.

(435) 755-3220  Environmental Science & Energy, Inc.

(888) 786-7696  The Associated Science Experts.





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