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Charles B. Pyke, Ph.D., is President / CEO, CFO, and General Manager of  Environmental Science & Energy, Inc.  

Our corporation offers a wide variety of services, listed below. 

  * = offered in English, or optionally translated into other languages.

  # = some units may have optional alarms that can be set to adjustable levels.

Environmental Instrumentation Division:

Latest technology, highly affordable, remote-reading, compact, multi-sensor environmental instrument packages #.   Really important  for agriculture, universities, schools, and homes, plus renewable energy operations, construction projects, reservoir operations, and other water usage and water budget management.    

Weather stations, stream gauges, and other scientific instrumentation, from simple to complex # - world-wide.

Environmental Modeling Division:

Accurate evapotranspiration and precipitation measuring by geosynchronous satellites, using special modeling algorithms - world-wide.

Evapotranspiration, sublimation, and melting of snow and ice:  measuring, monitoring, modeling, projections, and studies - world-wide.

Surface and subsurface temperatures and moisture:  measuring, monitoring, modeling, projections, and studies - world-wide.

Ground water and ground water movement:  measuring, monitoring, modeling, projections, and studies - world-wide.

Air and water pollution:  measuring, monitoring #, modeling, projections, and studies - world-wide.

Environmental Services Division:

Scientific studies of the serious air pollution and water pollution problems in India, China, and numerous other locations around the world.

Environmental site assessments, including assessments in support of renewable energy projects.

Environmental impact statements and reports, and feasibility studies - world-wide. *

Climate change modeling and thermo-haline ocean circulation modeling - world-wide.

Natural resources conservation programs and environmental planning programs -- world-wide.

Water Resources Division:

Ocean water desalination - world-wide, especially along the coasts of California, India, Chile-Peru, NW Mexico, NW Africa, Israel, Yemen, Red Sea, Persian Gulf.

Water budget management and water reclamation programs - world-wide.

Soil and water sampling and testing for turbidity, algae, and pollutants (such as sewage, mercury, oil, trash, medical waste, animal waste, and toxic chemicals).

Remote-reporting flood warning and environmental monitoring systems, plus flood control / flood plain management - world-wide.

Renewable Energy Division:

Solar farm and wind farm site evaluation - world-wide. 

New high-efficiency solar panels - world-wide.

Environmental site assessments in support of renewable energy projects - world-wide.

Ocean wave, ocean current, and tidal energy development, plus small-stream hydropower - world-wide.

Information and Data Division:

Certified hazardous materials (HAZMAT) training - world-wide. *

Forensic environmental discovery and expert witness testimony in depositions and court trials.

GIS-capable environmental and geophysical data from a multi-petabyte (multi-million gigabyte) data base - world-wide.

Expert witness testimony in depositions and court trials. 

Expert data quality control, interpolation, graphing, mapping, tabulation, and animation, including weather radar charts and satellite charts - world-wide.

Presentation of data tabulations, maps, graphs, and animation at briefings, depositions, and court trials.

Power Point preparation of exhibits for depositions and court trials.

Interactive Online (Internet) scientific seminars, classes, courses and scientific documentaries - much of the world. *

Educational videos, films, textbooks, and manuals (hard copies, DVD, online, and sponsored social media) on geohydrometeorological and other scientific topics. *

Public lectures on a great variety of scientific and engineering topics. *  The Visiting Science Professor program. *

Future project:  Establishment of an International University of the Environment, with hundreds of campuses world-wide, plus courses and degree programs online.

Research and Studies Division:

Climate studies in support of renewable energy projects - world-wide.

Research & development of geohydrometeorological instrumentation projects. 

Research and studies into green energy, evapotranspiration, water supply, drought, floods, climate change, and desalination feasibility - world-wide.

Research & development and studies in meteorology, climatology, hydrology, geohydrometeorology, geology, and other sciences and engineering - world-wide.

Frequency analysis of rain, snow, wind, fog, evaporation, evapotranspiration, sublimation, melting, ground water, soil temperature and moisture - world-wide.


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