Charles  B.  Pyke,  Ph.D.

Forensic Meteorologist and Expert Witness for Court Trials

President / CEO  and  Principal Scientist,  Environmental Science & Energy, Inc.

President / CEO,  Principal Scientist,  and  Primary Expert Witness, Associated Science Experts, Inc. 

Seasonal Outlook Specialist and  Primary Expert Witness,  American Weather & Earth Sciences, LLC

Principal Scientist, Forensic Meteorologist, and Primary Expert Witness, Forensic Science Experts, LLC 

Pioneer in the relationship of  El Niño  and  La Niña  to North American Weather



 Specialties     Professional Experience     Education /  Academic Publications     Additional Publications      Professional Memberships 

Contact Information  (if no immediate answer, allow at least 5-6 rings, as every call rolls over to Dr. Pyke's cell phone on ring number 3): 

844-330-3600   Environmental Science & Energy, Inc.:  Sea water desalination, water quality, sun-tracking solar panels, wave and tidal energy, worldwide.*

888-786-7696   Associated Science Experts, Inc.:  Preparation of New, Latest Technology Scientific Textbooks; TV. DVD, & Internet Documentaries, Public Lectures.

800-843-7246  American Weather & Earth Sciences, LLC:  Specialized weather forecasts, seasonal and multi-seasonal weather outlooks, worldwide.

435-755-7651  Forensic Science Experts, LLC:  Forensic discovery in meteorology and related sciences, plus expert witness testimony in depositions and trials.

FAX:  Call (888) 786-7696 to obtain FAX number.

e-mail:   Call (888) 786-7696 to obtain e-mail address.

Mailing address:  164 W 100 N #2, Logan, UT  84321-4533  USA.

   * plus small-stream hydroelectric energy, climate studies, environmental studies, and specialized weather forecast and seasonal weather outlook support for each of these

     activities, as well as support of major construction projects and mega-projects world-wide.







  Comprehensive  Résumé, covering Specialties, Professional Experience, Education, and Publications of  Charles B. Pyke, Ph.D.

(items are listed in reverse chronological order)

For a plain black-and-white résumé (standard CV format), telephone (800) 843-7246 for an e-mailed, mailed, or faxed copy.







Selected  Meteorological  Fields  of  Specialization  of  Dr. Pyke.  Specific Topics  (Keywords):

Please select one or more topics of interest, and telephone (888) 786-7696

Arizona Climate Expert Witness.  Arizona Dust Storm Expert Witness.  Arizona Haboob Expert Witness.  Arizona Meteorology Expert Witness.  Arizona Monsoon Expert Witness.  Arizona Precipitation Expert Witness.  Arizona Rainfall Expert Witness.  Arizona Thunderstorm Expert Witness.  Arizona Weather Expert Witness.  Arizona Wind Expert Witness.  Blowing Dust Expert Witness.  Blowing Sand Expert Witness.  California Climate Expert Witness  California Meteorology Expert Witness.  California Precipitation Expert Witness.  California Rainfall Expert Witness.  California Weather Expert Witness.  California Wind Expert Witness.  Certified Weather Data.  Certified Weather Observers.  Civil Twilight Expert Witness.  Climatic Data.  Climate Change Expert.  Climatology Expert Witness.  Cloud Cover Expert Witness.  Dense Fog Expert Witness.  Drought Expert Witness.  Dust Storm Expert Witness.  El Niño Expert Witness.  Expert Witness Climatologist.  Expert Witness Meteorologist.  Expert Witness Weather Testimony.  Extreme Precipitation Expert Witness.  Extreme Rain Expert Witness.  Extreme Snow Expert Witness Extreme Temperature Expert Witness.  Film Production Weather Forecasts.  Flash Flood Expert Witness.  Flood Expert Witness.  Fog Expert Witness.  Forensic Climatologist.  Forensic Meteorologist.   Forensic Weather Expert Witness.  Freezing Rain Expert Witness.  Global Warming Modeling.  Global Warming Research.  Hail Expert Witness.  Heat Index Expert Witness.  Heat Island Expert Witness.  Humidity Expert Witness.  La Niña Expert Witness.  Las Vegas Flash Flood Expert Witness.  Long-Range Weather Outlook Specialist.  Meteorological Data.  Meteorology Expert Witness.  Meteorology Research.  Meteorology Testimony.  Microburst Expert Witness.  Monsoon Thunderstorm Expert Witness.  Moonlight Expert Witness.  Moon Phase Expert Witness.  Nevada Precipitation Expert Witness.  Nevada Precipitation Expert Witness.  Nevada Weather Expert Witness.  Nevada Wind Expert Witness.  Ocean Surface Temperature Expert Witness.  Pacific Decadal Oscillation Expert Witness.  Precipitation Data.  Precipitation Expert Witness.  Precipitation Frequency Analysis.  Rainfall Data.  Rainfall Expert Witness.  Rainfall Frequency Analysis.  Sea Surface Temperature Expert Witness.  Seasonal  Weather Outlook Specialist.  Seasonal Weather Outlooks.  Snowfall Expert Witness.  Sun Glare Expert Witness.  Sunlight Expert Witness.  Sunrise Expert Witness.  Sunset Expert Witness.  Temperature Expert Witness.  Thermo-Haline Ocean Circulation Modeling.   Tornado Expert Witness.  Twilight Expert Witness.  Utah Meteorology Expert Witness.  Utah Precipitation Expert Witness.  Utah Rainfall Expert Witness.  Utah Snowfall Expert Witness.  Utah Weather Expert Witness.  Visibility Expert Witness.  Weather Data.  Weather Expert Witness.  Weather Forecast Specialist.  Weather Forecasts for Agriculture.  Weather Forecasts for Construction.  Weather Forecasts for Film Industry.  Weather Forecasts for Film Production.  Weather Forecasts for Major Media Events.  Weather Forecasts for Roofing.  Weather Outlook Specialist.   Wind Expert Witness.   






Comprehensive Résumé (C.V.) of  Charles B. Pyke, Ph.D.




Forensic Discovery and Expert Witness Testimony  for civil litigation, criminal cases, and insurance claims.  Certified weather data, expert data analysis.

Management of other expert witnesses and expert data analysts in forensic cases, including Timothy E. Wright, M.Sc., Zane A. Stephens, M.S., and William J. Trott, Ph.D., P.E.

Sun glare -- contributing to vehicular accidents -- plus cloud cover, sunrise, sunset, twilight, elevation and azimuth angles of sun or moon, phase of moon, and lunar brilliance. 

Black ice, wet or  snow-covered  roadways, parking lots, or sidewalks, plus fog, dust / sand, or smoke -- contributing to vehicular accidents, slip and fall, personal injury, wrongful death.

Rain, wind, tornadoes, hail, lightning, snow, avalanches, drought, extreme temperatures -- leading to downed trees and power lines, fire, structural damage, crop losses, livestock losses.

Frequency analysis of rain, wind, and other meteorological and hydrologic elements.  Transcripts of public weather forecasts issued on a specific date for that date and/or future dates. 

Management of soil and water quality sampling, testing, and monitoring for forensic cases -- testing for trash, oil, sewage, pesticides, and other chemical contaminants.

Customized Weather Forecasts and Seasonal & Multi-Seasonal Weather Outlooks  for film production, media events, and other applications.

Specialized custom weather forecasts, plus monthly and seasonal weather outlooks, for film production, media events, roofing, construction, agriculture, and wineries.

Clients include construction, roofing, excavation, grading, paving, insurance, agriculture, wineries, and producers of feature films, TV series, and commercials.

Meteorological, Climatic, and Other Scientific Research and Development, education, training, textbooks, documentaries, and other services.

Research projects and studies in meteorology and climatology;  rainfall frequency analysis;  investigation of historical storms and floods;  HVAC climatic and actuarial tables.

Management of environmental scientists in soil and water quality sampling, testing, and monitoring, plus research & development and studies.

Education and training.  Development of scientific textbooks.  Scientific documentaries for television, DVD, and the Internet.  Public lectures on scientific topics.  Visiting Science Professor.  

Corporate Executive Management.  President / CEO  and  Principal Scientist of:

Environmental Science & Energy, Inc., offering soil and water sampling, sea water desalination, ocean wave and tidal energy, sun-tracking solar panels, small-stream hydroelectric energy, certified HAZMAT training, flood warning systems, environmental impact statements & reports and site assessments, plus other environmental services.

Associated Science Experts, Inc., offering the preparation of new, latest technology scientific textbooks; television,, Internet, and DVD science documentaries; interactive online classes, courses; and seminars; public lectures, and The Visiting Science Professor program; plus forensic discovery and expert witness testimony, along with GIS (Geographic Information System)-capable environmental data, as well as expert data analysis, graphing, mapping, animation, and preparation of court trial exhibits.











PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE - Forensic Meteorology & Expert Testimony, Weather Forecasting, Research, and Teaching:


SUMMARY  (details below):

American Weather & Earth Sciences, LLC,  Forensic Science Experts, LLC,  and  Continental Weather & Earth Sciences, Inc.  (1989-present).  Charles B. Pyke, Ph.D., Forensic Meteorologist (hundreds of cases), Specialized Weather Forecaster (thousands of forecasts), Seasonal / Multi-Seasonal Weather Outlook Specialist (hundreds of outlooks), and Research Meteorologist / Climatologist.  Manager of expert witnesses in meteorology hydrology, geology, environmental sciences, and other sciences and engineering.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Los Angeles District , Engineering Division(1971-1990).  Charles B. Pyke, Ph.D., Flood Control Meteorologist (civilian).

Specialized weather forecasts and seasonal outlooks.  Design storms for dam and levee safety.  Remote-telemetry Flood Warning Systems.  Meteorological research and studies.

U.S. Air Force: Air Weather Service, and  Air National Guard (1960-1973).  Captain Charles B. Pyke, Military Weather Officer: Chief Forecaster and Chief Weather Observer.

Formulation of Air Force policies.  Supervision of Air Force weather forecasters.  Military Pilot Weather Briefings.  Transmission of weather observations and forecasts world-wide. 

University of California, Los Angeles, Department of Meteorology (1963-1971).  Charles B. Pyke,  Research Meteorologist, Teaching Assistant, Lecturer, and Laboratory Instructor.

Meteorological and climatic research, including major post-doctoral paper.  Teaching of Meteorology classes, laboratories, and field studies. 

California State University, Northridge,* Department of Geography (1969-1970).  Professor Charles B. Pyke, Meteorology and Climatology.

Teaching of Meteorology, Atmospheric Science, and Climatology classes.

* San Fernando Valley State College prior to June 1971.






Corporate and private company experience -- Meteorology, Climatology, and Environmental Sciences -- includes: 

Recently Founded Corporations:

Environmental Science & Energy, Inc.  2015 - .    

Founding Partner, President, CEO, and Principal Scientist.  Offering: 

Environmental Science & Energy, Inc. can provide for, or facilitate, any salt water desalination, environmental, or renewable energy project in the world.

Ocean water desalination, environmental impact statements and reports, site assessments, feasibility studies, water budget studies, and other environmental services. 

Certified HAZMAT Training, scientific instrumentation, flood warning systems, environmental and energy research, and other services in the U.S. and tin most of the world.  

Self-adjusting, sun-tracking solar panels, ocean wave and tidal energy, plus small-stream hydroelectric energy, as well as geothermal and local wind turbines. 

Geophysical energy, small wind-energy turbines, and other renewable energy -- in addition to green energy research --  in the U.S. and throughout most of the world.

Soil and water quality sampling, testing, and monitoring, and other environmental quality sampling, testing and monitoring programs in the U.S. and elsewhere.

Environmental research, including studies of soil and water turbidity, algae, and pollution by toxic chemicals, pesticides, oil, and other foreign substances, world-wide..

Research into the serious air pollution in China and elsewhere around the world, as well as in the U.S. and Canada.  Research into water pollution overseas and in the U.S. 

Specialized site-specific climatology studies, plus customized weather forecasts and seasonal, multi-seasonal, and multi-year weather outlooks, for agricultural, environmental, and renewable energy projects, as well as salt water desalination and major construction projects and operations around the world. 

Associated Science Experts, Inc.  2015 - . 

Founding Partner, President / CEO, Principal Scientist, Forensic Meteorologist, and Primary Expert Witness.  Manager of Other Scientists and Engineers.  Offering:

Preparation of new, latest technology scientific and engineering textbooks  (in English or Spanish, or translated into French, Portuguese, Italian, or selected other languages). 

Television, Internet, and DVD scientific and engineering documentaries  (in English or Spanish, or translated into French, Portuguese, Italian, or selected other languages).

Interactive Internet (online) scientific and engineering seminars, courses, and classes  (in English or Spanish, or translated into French, Portuguese, Italian, or selected other languages);*

Public lectures and The Visiting Science Professor program   (in English or Spanish, or translated into French, Portuguese, Italian,  or selected other languages);*

Forensic Discovery and Expert Witness Testimony in civil litigation and criminal cases, including depositions and court trial testimony. 

GIS (Geographic Information System)-capable data from a 30+trillion-byte environmental data base and expert data tabulation, analysis, mapping, & graphing, plus exhibits for court trials.

Scientific and engineering research and studies in meteorology, hydrology, geology, environmental sciences, soil and water quality, and entomology.

      * Interpreters can be provided (at standard rates) for public lecture questions or interactive online questions. 

Private Meteorology Companies

American Weather & Earth Sciences, LLC  (plus predecessor company names)  2004 - .   

Seasonal and Multi-Seasonal Weather Outlook Specialist, and  Forensic Meteorologist / Primary Expert Witness. 

Hundreds of Expert Witness cases (civil and criminal) with dozens involving court trial testimony, and even more involving depositions. 

(Call (888) 786-7696 for a list of cases.) 

Thousands of specialized weather forecasts, plus hundreds of seasonal, multi-seasonal, and multi-year weather outlooks. 

Meteorological and climatological research and studies, some published.

Forensic Science Experts, LLC  (plus predecessor company names)  1998 - .   

Founder, Owner, Principal Scientist, Forensic Meteorologist, and Primary Expert Witness.  Manager of Other Scientific Expert Witnesses in Forensic Cases.

Forensic Discovery and Expert Witness Testimony in criminal cases and civil litigation, including depositions and court trials.

Meteorological, hydrometeorological, and climatological research and studies, world-wide.   

Continental Weather & Earth Sciences, Inc. (plus predecessor corporate names)  1989-2004. 

President, Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Board, Principal Scientist, Primary Expert Witness, Leading Forecaster, and Seasonal Outlook Specialist.

Thousands of customized weather forecasts and many dozen seasonal & multi-seasonal weather outlooks. 

Forensic discovery and expert witness testimony in dozens of depositions and court trials, including  O.J. Simpson, Linda Sobek, and Charles Westerfield murder trials and many major personal injury and wrongful death civil litigation trials, along with hundreds of civil litigation cases that settled prior to trial -- frequently upon the meteorological opinions rendered by Dr. Pyke, and upon the reputation of Dr. Pyke alone, sometimes before any discovery was conducted.

Comprehensive hydroclimatological publication (1994) of maximum historical storms in the western states, plus other major research projects and publications.


Government, military, and university  experience, Meteorology and Climatology, includes: 

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Los Angeles District, 1971-1990.

Flood Control Meteorologist (civilian).

Forensic meteorological research and discovery, plus testimony in court trials as expert witness. 

Design of remote-telemetry flood-warning systems, consisting of scientific placement of automatic-reporting rain gauges and stream gauges in the hills above vulnerable communities.  

Development of design storms for the safety of dams and levees, including Probable Maximum Precipitation, Standard Project Storm, and 100-year Rainfall.

Publication of flash flood warning brochures, in English and Spanish, for campers and visitors to flood-prone canyons and other areas. 

Customized weather forecasts and seasonal weather outlooks for rivers and reservoirs in the western United States.

Publication of Sepulveda Dam Water Control Manual for reservoir operations. 

Published meteorological research on many flood control and water conservation projects.

Presentation of the above items at public meetings and hearings.

U.S. Air Force and Air National Guard:  Military Air Transport Service and Military Airlift Command, 1960-1973.  Commissioned 1963.   

Air Weather Service Officer / Weather Forecaster and Chief Forecaster, 1963-1973. 

Served stateside on National Guard status during  Vietnam War, 1965-1973.

Formulation of policies for Air Force operations in the U.S. and world-wide.

Supervision of Air Force weather officers, briefings pilots flying U.S. and overseas missions. 

Many hundreds of special weather forecasts, including pilot briefings for missions flying to U.S. sites and from California to Hawaii to Japan, Taiwan, and Viet Nam.

Numerous meteorological and climatological research, studies, and publications.

Service in Gulfport, MS, August 1969, before, during, and after Hurricane Camille, including special predictions of the landfall and intensity of the hurricane (far more accurate than was predicted by the National Hurricane Center and the National Weather Service).  Weather support of the disaster operations of the Alabama and Mississippi Army National Guard. 

Air Weather Service Weather Observer and Chief Weather Observer, 1960-1963.  

Served stateside on National Guard status during  Cuban Missile Crisis, 1962.  Served stateside on active duty during  Berlin Crisis, 1961-1962.

Supervision of  Air Force weather observers. 

Comprehensive weather observations, with worldwide transmission of surface and upper air weather conditions.

Numerous meteorological and climatological research and studies.  . 

Preparation of analyzed weather maps over North America and the Pacific Ocean.

Forecast assistance to Air Force Weather Officers, briefing pilots flying troop and cargo missions from the U.S. to Japan and to Southeast Asia. 

University of California, Los Angeles:  Department of Meteorology  (now Atmospheric Sciences and Oceanography), 1964-1971.

Laboratory Associate, Lecturer, Teaching Assistant, and Research Assistant.

Lecturer, Laboratory Associate, and Teaching Assistant  in various courses and laboratories in Meteorology, Atmospheric Sciences, and Climatology. 

Teaching Assistant in special summer courses in Meteorology for gifted students, 1964 and 1965.  

Numerous research projects and publications in meteorology and climatology.

California State University, Northridge*:  Department of Geography, 1969-1970.

Assistant Professor, Meteorology and Climatology.

Teaching of courses in Meteorology, Atmospheric Sciences, and Climatology.

* San Fernando Valley State College prior to June 1971.








University of California, Los Angeles:  Department of Meteorology  (now Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences).


Ph.D., Meteorology, 1972,  

M.A., Meteorology, 1965  (degree has been granted as M.S. since approx. 1970),  

B.A., Meteorology, 1963 (degree has been granted as B.S. since approx. 1970).

Research, and Publications, including Applications to Seasonal Weather Forecasting and the Understanding of Climatic Variations:

Research Meteorologist (post-doctoral), 1972-1976, under Dr. Jacob Bjerknes, Professor Emeritus of Meteorology, UCLA, and world-renowned author and founder of modern meteorology.

Pyke, Charles B. 1976:  Effects of Equatorial Pacific Ocean Temperatures on Weather Patterns in the Western and Southern United States.

Pioneering research paper (post-doctoral) on the effects of El Niño and La Niña upon weather and precipitation patterns from California to Georgia. 

Comprehensive  Multi-Hundred Page Research Publication demonstrates that regions from Southern and Central California, eastward to Georgia, experience above normal precipitation from January into April during El Niño years, flooding larger river basins.

Paper was published in a major NORPAX (North Pacific Experiment) compendium of top meteorological and oceanographic research papers, including other pioneering studies by Dr. J. Bjerknes, Dr. J. Namias, and other very prominent meteorologists and oceanographers,

Major applications to long-range meteorological forecasting, including  seasonal and multi-seasonal weather outlooks, and to water resources and flood control operations over large portions of the United States. 

Doctoral Student, 1965-1972, of  Dr. J. Bjerknes, Professor Emeritus of Meteorology, UCLA.   Also studied with, and published a joint research paper under, Dr. William D.. Bonner,  Associate Professor of Meteorology, UCLA.

Pyke, Charles B., 1972:  "Some Meteorological Aspects of the Seasonal Distribution of Precipitation in the Western United States and Baja California."  Doctoral Dissertation, written under Dr. Bjerknes, 1968-1972. 

The month of maximum precipitation in the far western United States progresses southward from November in northwestern Washington to February in Southern California, then jumps back to December in Baja California because of the warmer ocean during the late fall southwest of Baja California.   Eastern slopes of major mountain ranges also experience more early-season precipitation because of warmer water off the coast in November and December and winds blowing toward the warmer water are uplifted over the mountains, generating orographic precipitation, while western slopes receive more late-season rain and snow, as the interior regions begin to heat up from the higher sun in the late winter and spring, and moist west winds, blowing toward the warmer interior, rise up over the mountains, enhancing the precipitation there.

Significant applications to the understanding of seasonal variations in precipitation west and east of major mountain ranges, to the types and intensities of storms experienced in the western United States, and to quantitative precipitation forecasting in different seasons in various portions of the western U.S.

Pyke, Charles B.,  W.J. Bonner, and R.J. Hickey, 1969.  Research paper, written under Dr. Bonner. 

Analysis of major flood-producing January 1969 storms in Southern California, when satellite charts showed giant plumes of heavy tropical cloudiness streaming northward from the equator directly into Southern California, colliding with cool, moist air from the Gulf of Alaska -- thus greatly enhancing the rainfall in Southern California (up to 55 inches in 11 days along the southern slopes of the San Gabriel Mountains, northeast of Los Angeles). 

Major applications to the forecasting of intense western U.S. storms, and to the determination of probable maximum precipitation for the safety of dams, plus 100-year rainfall, as well as to other flood-control studies and operations .

Graduate Student, 1963-1965, of  Dr. J. Bjerknes, Professor of Meteorology, UCLA. 

Pyke, Charles B., 1965.  Master's Thesis on precipitation patterns of California: 

Research into geographic sizes of West Coast storms and the negative correlations of wetter than normal and drier than normal monthly rainfall between Southern California and the Pacific Northwest . . . plus . . . An analysis of the past century and a half of West Coast precipitation shows periods of highly anomalous above and below normal precipitation, for the year as a whole, and for individual months and seasons, lasting 15 to 30 years.  Included are major anomalies in the frequencies of tropical storms streaming northward from off the west coast of Mexico into Southern California, especially the Santa Barbara area during early decades of the 20th Century.  This research paper turned out to be predecessor discovery of climatic variations that were later found to be major components of the  Pacific Decadal Oscillation.  

Significant applications to storm forecasting and to multi-decadal variations in Pacific storm tracks and long-term rainfall and snowfall conditions throughout the western United States, including short-term climate changes.  

Undergraduate Student, 1956-1957, 1958-1961, and 1962-1963 Meteorology Major.  Physics, Mathematics, Climatology, and Geography Minors.

Pyke, Charles B., 1963:  "On the Role of Air-Sea Interaction in the Development of Cyclones."  Written under Dr. Joanne Malkus  (later  -- and now the late -- Dr. Joanne Simpson), Professor of Meteorology, UCLA.  Paper won national MacElwane Award for original pioneering undergraduate research paper

Oceanic storms centered a few hundred kilometers off the coast of a continent frequently intensify rapidly when cold continental air pours out over warmer ocean water, and thermal energy becomes converted into kinetic energy, increasing the storm's circulation and dynamics, and hence its winds and precipitation.  This is frequently seen in the Gulf of Alaska and off the East Coast of the United States, where major snow-dumping "nor'easters" develop and intensity off of the Mid-Atlantic States, New England, and southeastern Canada. 

This award-winning study, published in the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, January 1964, was featured as their lead paper, with a full-page front cover illustration, depicting the wind and waves of a major storm at sea -- demonstrating the air-sea interaction discussed in this paper. 

Major application to the understanding of the rapid development of oceanic storms when fed by cold air pouring out from land masses, and to the forecasting of intense oceanic storms, including "perfect storm" scenarios.

Military Education.

U.S. Air Force:   Advanced Weather Officer Course, 1969.   Squadron Officer Course, 1963.   Air Traffic Control Course, 1961.

U.S. Air Force:   Aviation Meteorological Observations and Weather Mapping Course, 1960.  Winner, American Spirit of Honor Medal.

U.S. Navy:   Military and General Engineering & Sciences, plus special  U.S. Marine Corps  Field Training,  U.S. Naval Academy, 1957-1958.

U.S. Army:   Reserve Officer Training Corps,  General Military Engineering,  UCLA, 1956-1957.

Preparatory Education.

Beverly Hills High School,  Physical Sciences and Mathematics Majors, 1952-1956:   Honor Graduate.

    Beverly Hills High School received consistent academic and scholastic rankings of No. 1 in the United States during the years 1952-1956.








Author of hundreds of meteorological and climatological reports for litigation cases and insurance claims, plus numerous research reports, 1989-present.

Author of a comprehensive hydroclimatological study of the greatest historical storms in the western United States, 1994. 

Author or contributing author of hundreds of Situation Reports on earthquakes, storms, and  floods, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Los Angeles, 1971-1989.

Author of Sepulveda Dam Water Control Manual;  contributing author of numerous other publications, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Los Angeles, 1971-1989. 

Author of comprehensive Storm Studies, for August 1951 and September 1970 Storms in Arizona, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Los Angeles, 1973-1974. 

Author of a number of Air Weather Service manuals and other publications, U.S. Air Force, 1960-1973 







PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPS  (selected list):  active [a], recent [r], and past [p} include:

American Meteorological Society [a]   Former President, Los Angeles Chapter

American Water Resources Association [r].

Los Angeles Geographical Society [r].

National Weather Association [p].

Air Force Association [p].








Telephone contact  for Dr. Pyke:  (888) 786-7696.  Alternates: (801) 660-5710, (800) 843-7246, (760) 684-5761, or (707) 497-9709, 








In addition to his devotion to Meteorology, Hydrometeorology, Climatology, Environmental Science, and Corporate Management (described in detail above),

Charles B. Pyke is a composer of symphonic, religious, and Christmas music, as well as a pianist, baritone, and music arranger. 

Telephone Symphonic Compositions, Carols, and Hymns at (844) 330-3800. 




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